Climb aboard the USS Laffey


Mt. Pleasant, SC (WCIV) - The USS Laffey is back open for business and some of the men who served aboard called "the ship that wouldn't die" are in town to celebrate her return.

"We need to preserve the history for the kids because I don't think that they get enough history in school. It's just very important to learn patriotism. There isn't enough of that today. And it's just an important thing to pass on what the World War II guys went through," said Sonny Walker, the President of the Laffey Association.

Ninety men who served aboard the ship including several World War II veterans will be in town for the weekend festivities.

The Laffey returned to Patriots Point in January after undergoing major renovations.

Ashley Smith works for Patriots Point.

"She is such a historic component to Patriots Point, such a special part of our history, it's worthy of celebrating. So this weekend we'll have a series of events from Friday to Sunday open to the public and we hope everyone will be able to join us," said Smith.

On Saturday from 10am to 3pm, the public will have a chance to meet some of the veterans who served on the ship. On Sunday, there will be a ceremony for the veterans that starts at 1pm.

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