The clock is ticking for those holiday mail deadlines

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's getting down to the wire. With just two weeks to go until Christmas, many of us have shopped but have you shipped?

Stamp by stamp, card by card, box by box -- the holidays mean heavy lifting for the Postal Service.

"Christmas is our biggest season for parcels. It's probably the most exciting seasons that we have," said Charleston Postmaster Tim Shaw.{}

Shaw said this will be the biggest spike in package deliveries local branches will see all year.

"Cyber Monday has become a major point of business for us and I've seen 100 to 200 percent increases on parcels that come through us," Shaw said. "It is a big thing; a lot of people are shopping online for those online deals."

Local Charleston post offices are expected to see 500,000 Christmas cards delivered through their doors this year. Dec. 17 is one of the busiest mailing day for letters and packages for the whole year.

With Christmas just two weeks away, what are some mail-by dates to remember?

Dec. 17 is the deadline to send all mail and packages globally. You have a little more time if you're shipping first class mail. The deadline for that is Dec. 20.

If you're looking to ship priority make sure you have your goods signed, sealed, and delivered by Dec. 21. For the last minute mailer, you can still ship express by the last date of Dec. 22.

"My advice is mail early and then you're happy and everyone is happy," Shaw said.{}"It's Christmas. What else do you have to say? It's Christmas. It's one of those times that you are still able to do something that is personal and there is nothing like the mail."