Coalition: North Charleston can't tolerate any more violence

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) The last of five shootings in the past four days happened outside of a popular North Charleston lunch spot. The victim, who was shot in the leg, told police he was just walking to the store.

On Thursday Terrell Brown, 27, ran into Philly's Cheesesteak during lunch then collapsed on the floor. He told police a man in a black car started shooting at him and he ran.

"Those who are perpetrating those types of crimes, they don't care anything about the dark or the light anymore. It's just me-centered and I'm going to get my point across regardless of when, where or how," said Pastor Thomas Dixon with The Coalition.

He said the North Charleston community seems to tolerate violence.

"Too many people, until the situation is personal there's a disconnect and that happens across the board in all communities," said Dixon.{}

Dixon said The Coalition was formed to help neighborhoods stand up to criminals.

"This is a sad reality but at the same token we are here to try and rectify what is happening," said Coalition member Eugene Hamilton.

Hamilton said there is a handgun problem in North Charleston,{}saying the guns used in these types of crimes are not registered.

"City Hall first of all can give attention and an ear to us as we are seeking to curtail the violence. So, we can bring back hope and peace to our communities," said Hamilton.

North Charleston police are still searching for the gunman involved in Thursday afternoon's shooting.{}

Mayor Summery was unavailable to talk about the five shootings. North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Riggers declined to comment as well.