Coastal Carolina Fair draws noise complaint

(Rebecca Lamb(WCIV)

By Ava

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- At the Costal Carolina Fair, hundreds come through the gates to wait in line for their favorite ride.

Laughter and screams carry through the park along, along with the sounds of amplified music.

It's no surprise that public events like the fair can get loud, but one man says the sounds shouldn't carry into his living room.

"It's really not right that I should have to be bothered by something that far away," said Dennis Zabawa who lives in the Berkeley County neighborhood of Tall Pines.

The neighborhood sits across Interstate 26 and, by his estimates, a half a mile away from the fairgrounds in Charleston County.

"They come through the walls like they're not there," Zabawa said of the sounds of the fair.

Zabawa's neighbors say they, too, are experiencing the fair from their bedrooms but don't know what can be done.

"It's going to happen every year around the same time; there's really nothing we can do," said Ashley Agront.

Zabawa says the noise has increased over the last three years, and he's made phone calls to authorities.

"You go to the fairground people (and) they say it's permitted, they can do it. I go to Berkeley County; Berkeley County says it's in Charleston County. I go to Charleston County, they say you are in Berkeley County (and) we cant do anything about it. It's been a game of passing the buck," Zabawa.

Joe Bolchoz, a spokesman for the fair, says they're following the Charleston County noise ordinance.

"Under that ordinance there are exclusions for public events, and this fair is a not-for-profit community event," says Bolchoz.

Bolchoz says over the years they've had less than a dozen complaints about noise.

"We try to be good neighbors out here. We don't want to offend anybody," says Bolchoz.

Bolchoz says they take every complaint seriously and they try to make accommodations. If you have a complaint while on the grounds, contact a staff members, Bolchoz said.