CofC Foundation offers $112K for McConnell negotiations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The College of Charleston Foundation has offered the school's Board of Trustees an additional $112,000 in salary money for negotiations with president-elect Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell.

The state General Assembly approved $118,000 for the president's salary last month.{}

Now the Board of Trustees has its limit set for McConnell's contract negotiations. At most, McConnell will earn $300,000, but the two sides have an opportunity to negotiate for less.{}

The $188,000 from the state is still four times what McConnell earns as lieutenant governor.{}

If McConnell does negotiate for the full $112,000 from the Foundation in addition to the state funds, he would make nearly $80,000 less than outgoing-president George Benson.