CofC holds Spring Bike Auction

(Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- A bundle of bicycles went on the auction block at the College of Charleston's Spring Bike Auction.At least 75 bikes were sold 'as-is' to the highest bidder. Prices started as low as five dollars but shot up when multiple bidders were interested. "I came here expecting to just spend $45 because it's an auction but I spotted this bike and it was me and this girl," said CofC student Iesha Mitchell. "When they started auctioning, they brought this bike up and we just started going back and forth. It was like we were tag-teaming for this bike. So I spent, like, $110 on it."According to event organizers, the school's public safety officers collect bikes that have been abandoned or unclaimed around campus. This includes stolen bikes that have been unclaimed, unregistered bikes and bikes that have been impounded for campus violations. According to CofC policy the Department of Public Safety can store these bikes for 90 days. For new bike owners, public safety officers held a free bike registration at the auction event. Mitchell says her new set of wheels makes campus life more convenient. "It's more convenient for me to ride a bike and get here...if I walk, I get here in seven minutes. If I ride a bike I can cut that in about half," she said.The next bike auction is slated for the fall. The sale helps to raise funds for the college's Student Government Association.