CofC star hoping to extend career on Battery roster

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- A professional soccer field is the dream for Ralphy Lundy. Blackbaud Stadium is quite close in distance but a far cry from the backyard soccer field at his Mt. Pleasant home that he grew up playing on.

"I always had it in mind I'd give it a shot here or anywhere else. I can play. Basically the next step is to keep going and find my way onto a team," Lundy said. {}

He starred at Wando High and then for his dad, legendary College of Charleston head coach Ralph Lundy, now Ralphy, is out on his own.

"People are fighting for your job out here. Our teammates are guys you are battling more than the guys on the other team, it can be more hostile because you are playing to put food on the table," he said.

Lundy grew up going to Battery games and now it's the team he is trying out for this week. But Lundy said he is wide open to anything relating to professional soccer.

"I went to Las Vegas for the Seattle Sounders combine, I went to Charlotte for theirs, it's good to see players I have played against and heard about," he said. {} {}

However, there are no guarantees that Lundy will make the Battery squad.

"I watched many CofC games so he has a big advantage, but at the same time guys that come in, it's easy for me to compare to Ralphy Lundy and they have to do better. He knows he has to do well because he knows the level of the Battery," said Battery Head Coach Mike Anhaeuser.

Groomed for this opportunity, Ralphy Lundy is hoping to follow in the family footsteps and make a living in the game he loves.

"My dad and me have invested a lot of time and work into this. It's expected, it's what I love to do and hopefully I can do it a bit longer," he said. {}{}