CofC student leader spared impeachment by 11th hour change of heart


By Valencia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Ross Kressel, 21, was spared impeachment{}at the last minute when an officer changed their mind.{}Some students say democracy saved the day, others say politics got in the way of a sound decision.

"I am strongly against it. It is very wrong, especially in a southern school. What I would like to see is the past be put in the past," said William Campbell, a senior at the College of Charleston.

Campbell was one of many students in support of Student Body President Ross Kressel. However, there were just as many students in favor of Kressel's impeachment.

"The issue isn't that he's a good person.{} I just hugged him and told him I loved him and forgave him. It's not about him as a person. What it's about is whether he did his job. And, he didn't," said Luca Gattoni-Celli, also a senior at College of Charleston.

The toss in student opinions came after Kressel reportedly posted offensive comments on his twitter page. The tweets targeted women, gays, blacks and his colleagues.

One tweet read, "Ah yes, funny looking flaming black kid thinks he is funny and looks like Paul Bradley". The tweets also included profanity.

"There have been far worse things that have happened in society. And, this barely scratches the surface," said Campbell.

"If this had been a CEO of any company, in any context, in any capacitythere wouldn't have been a question. The question would have been how quickly can we get his stuff out of our building," said Gattoni-Celli.

The split opinions of the student body were reflected in the SGA's vote. Initially officers voted 14-14, when asked whether or not to impeach Kressel. But, at the last minute an officer anonymously changed their vote -- Making the decision a "no" for Kressel's impeachment.

Kressel denied an interview with ABC News 4, but he released this statement last week:

"My actions in this case were unprofessional, inappropriate, misguided and I sincerely do apologize and have begun to work towards repairing the damage from my actions".