CofC students return from service trip in Cameroon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A group of College of Charleston business students returned this week from a 10-day trip to Cameroon Africa.

"It just blew my mind. I had no idea what to expect going into it," said sophomore Michelle Smith.

The five students and their professor David Desplaces left for the business school's global service project called Kick it Forward. Over nine months, they raised $38,000 worth of education supplies to deliver to school children more than 7,000 miles away.

"They were so excited and grateful. They all started cheering when we gave it to them. It was really touching to see what a difference we were making," she said.

More than 1,600 kids benefited from the special deliveries filled with crayons, markers, pencils and toys.

Ashleigh Fields, a sophomore{}who also went on the trip,{}says she didn't how great their impact would be on the community.

"We are just{}five college students, and I actually feel they appreciated everything we did," she said.

They also taught students and adults about proper hygiene and sanitation, as well as went over business plan proposals.

"I want to continue to help," Smith said. "We have so much its only fair that we give back when we can when have opportunity."

The last trip to Cameroon was in 2011.

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