CofC students use iPhone to track down thief

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- You could call it quick thinking. Police said a burglar stole some pretty pricey items from a home on Radcliffe Street. That's when officers said his victims, two College of Charleston juniors, tracked him down using an app.

The victims in this case said they made the mistake of leaving the door to their home unlocked.

As they were sleeping, police said it gave Timothy Patrick, 23, the perfect opportunity to commit a crime.

Officers said Patrick entered the students' Radcliffe home, stealing $3,500 worth of valuables.

"It's very scary to think someone could come into our house and just take whatever they wanted," said Harrison Gostfrand.

Gostfrand said that's exactly what happened this weekend when someone entered his home as he and his roommate slept.

"Someone came into our house stole computers, phones, and iPads," Gostfrand said.

"All my medication had kind of been rustled through," said John Irving, Gostfrand's roommate. "He was definitely a sneaky guy."

The two quickly decided to play detective and used an app on a friend's iPhone called 'Find my iPhone.'

"We were able to follow its path and eventually track him down," Gostfrand said.

The app eventually led them near Market Street where they saw Patrick.

"We kind of ran past this kid and realized quickly that he was wearing my shoes," Irving said. "Me and Harrison grabbed him and took our stuff back."

The two then called the Charleston Police Department.

"We, like, took that bag from him and looked inside and saw it was our stuff and we made sure he stayed where he was while we called the cops and waited for them to arrive,"{} Gostfrand said. "He [Patrick] seemed pretty out of it."

Patrick was eventually taken away in handcuffs and his victims said they hope he learned a valuable lesson.

"Make sure that you know that there are people out there that can- that there's technology out there that can definitely find you," Gostfrand said.

Patrick's bond was set at more than $110,000.

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