CofC trainer's brother wins on PGA Tour

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was a monumental win for Billy Horschel. After a rain delay on the 18th hole, the former Florida Gator golfer stood over his 27 foot birdie putt and dropped it for his first PGA Tour win.

The excitement in New Orleans could be felt right here in Charleston. Horschel's brother Chris, the Director of Sports Medicine at College of Charleston, was sitting in his living room watching and rooting on his brother.{}

"I felt a little bit of everything. I was very nervous the whole tournament. I had to sit in a certain position on the couch. I didn't want to move because he was playing so well," said Horschel, who works with men's basketball as well as both golf teams.{}

Horschel spent the late afternoon taking pictures with his cell phone of the TV screen and his brother on it.{}

"My wife held our breath during that putt. We knew he deserves it, it was his time and when he made it we started screaming," he said.{}

The two are close as can be, but worlds apart on the golf course. Billy is 13 years younger; Chris only plays golf 5 or 6 times a year.{}

"I stopped playing with him when he was 14. He asked me where I wanted him to hit it on the green. I said 10 feet from the hole, he hit it closer, maybe 2 feet," he said.{}

As much as Chris enjoys following Billy's career, Billy certainly follows Chris' as well.{}

"He actually tweeted about Andrew Goudelock starting in his first playoff game for the Lakers," said Chris.{}

With this win, Billy gets a special honor next year. He'll be playing in The Masters.

"I've always said, I'm not going to the Masters until my brother is playing in it to make my first time as The Masters more special," he said.{}

The big question: will he be on the bag for the annual Par 3 tournament?{}

"That'll be my Dad, that's my guess. I'll be there to watch though. Maybe he'll let me hit a shot.{} I knew he was good enough to play The Masters and compete, but to have that win is pretty unbelievable," he said.{}

Oh Brother, what a Sunday it was.