CofC: Wojcik stays home, assistants will travel for recruiting

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- In a brief statement about the ongoing basketball coaching saga at the College of Charleston, officials said head coach Doug Wojcik would not be traveling for recruiting this week.

The statement goes on to say the team's assistant coaches would be out recruiting. Wojcik will instead attend meetings. Details on the type of meetings were not released.

The College has released very little information about the what's coming for Wojcik after a 50-page report was released detailing a litany of complaints about the way Wojcik allegedly treated team members and staffers.

The report compiles interviews from nearly two dozen staff members and players.

Even the College's athletic director, Joe Hull, is reported as saying Wojcik is "extremely difficult to manage."

During an annual review with Wojcik, Hull described it as one of the most difficult reviews he's given in 30 years. Wojcik reportedly slammed the review down on a desk several time and walked out four times during the process only to return a few minutes later.

" Hull stated that Coach Wojcik made changes to the review with a red pen. Hull told Coach Wojcik he would take Wojcik's suggestions under advisement. Hull stated that he did look at Wojcik's comments and suggestions. However, he felt that Wojcik's review, as originally drafted, was fair and accurate. So, Hull decided not to revise the review," the report reads.

The investigation into Wojcik's alleged verbal abuse wrapped up late last month and the lengthy report detailing the alleged abuses was handed over to top College officials a week ago.

Wojcik released a statement through his attorney saying he had cooperated with the investigation and apologized.

His attorney, Scott Tompsett, said Wojcik would not be resigning his post at the head of the Cougars.

"Coach Wojcik cooperated with the College's investigation and he accepted the College's sanctions. As far as he's concerned, the investigation is over. And Coach Wojcik has started making amends and working on correcting his actions, as set forth in President Benson's decision. We're hopeful the team will move forward with him toward a successful season in the Colonial Athletic Association," Tompsett said on behalf of Wojcik.

The College said late last week that the school's new president, former Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell, was taking time to survey the evidence and consider his options before rendering a decision.

McConnell has been on the job about a week. It's unclear if he had knowledge of the situation before taking office.

Wojcik is two years into his five-year contract. A possible buy-out could cost the College more than $1 million.

Before taking over at the College, Wojcik was fired from Tulsa University's program after seven winning seasons that included two NIT berths and three postseason appearances.

Wojcik replaced the retiring Bobby Cremins. In his time at the College, he has racked up an overall record of 38-29.