A warm cup of Joe with a Cop

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The quarterly 'Coffee with a Cop' event took place in downtown Charleston on Wednesday.

The national program was put on by the City of Charleston Police Department.

This is the second time the Department hosted the event for the public. The sit-down was held at Saffron Bakery on East Bay Street.

"The response has been good. People appreciate the chance to go talk to police when they don't have to call them or have them come to their house and it's not a crisis or an emergency going on," said Lieutenant David Bridges of the City of Charleston Police Department.

Officers say the goal of the program is to listen to neighbors' concerns, including anything from crime to traffic issues, and for residents to talk to officers about whatever is on their minds.

"A lot of times people don't call the police because they think, 'oh that's not important, that's not a big deal,' said Lt. Bridges. "But in fact, it is a big deal and we encourage people to call or they can come down, sit down with us and let us know."