Colbert Busch makes final push in 1st District race

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A crowd of Elizabeth Colbert Busch supporters shouted "this is our time" as her tour bus stopped in Summerville.

"She is the best candidate, and I think South Carolina should be ashamed if they put Sanford into office again after all he's done," said Mary Ackerman of Goose Creek.

While the latest poll results show Mark Sanford in the lead, Colbert Busch said she is not discouraged about her opponent's slight lead in the polls.

"I'm feeling very positive. Everything is going very well and we're looking forward to tomorrows vote," she said.

After the final and heated debate, Colbert Busch said they haven't changed their strategy one bit.

"We've been very transparent. We've been very consistent throughout the campaign. We're just continuing with this positive message," she said.

Colbert Busch got on and off at multiple stops around district one with her family accompanying her for the final trek.

Colbert Busch kept her focus Monday on shaking hands and greeting people.

Alma Mack, a resident at the Canterbury House in Charleston will be 85 this month. She says she has seen and participated in all elections.

"I love and support what she is doing and I believe in her," she said.

Colbert Busch hopes others throughout the district will believe in her as well come Tuesday.

"This is about putting the right person in office that will represent the district and will represent what our opportunities are and what will bring those jobs home to this district," she said.