Colbert Busch picks up Dem women's council endorsement

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- The South Carolina Democratic Women's Council announced Monday that it was endorsing Elizabeth Colbert Busch for the primary and the general election in the state's First Congressional District.

Colbert Busch and Ben Frasier are the only two Democrats running in the primary.

"On the behalf of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Women's Council of South Carolina, I am proud to announce our endorsement of Elizabeth Colbert Busch in the first Congressional District," said Susan Smith, President of the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council.

"South Carolina is 50th in the nation dead last in the number of women who hold political office. This is not a place where we want to be any longer," she added. "Our organization believes that Elizabeth Colbert Busch is the perfect candidate to address this dismal situation. We are excited to support a businesswoman who's proven that she's a problem solver. We know Elizabeth will uphold American ideals while representing all the people of the 1st Congressional District, which is why the SCDWC has made this unprecedented endorsement in a primary race."

In response, Colbert Busch said she was extremely appreciative of the South Carolina{}Democratic Women's Council's support.

"I am enormously grateful for their backing," she said. "I am especially pleased that I received this endorsement as a result of the work I have done helping to create thousands of jobs in South Carolina."{}