College of Charleston Students Hold Election Watch Party

      (Rebecca Lamb/WCIV)

      by Stacy

      CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- From Republicans to Democrats, College of Charleston students cheered on their candidates hungry for returns.

      "We're continuing to see more people come in.{}We've run out of food twice. We're ordering more food.{}I think this shows how involved students are in the voting process today," student organizer Candice Shaw said.

      A{}group of international exchange students also came to the party to get a glimpse of American democracy.

      "It's very important. The{}U.S. is such an important power in the world. You have to learn about it,"{}Benjamin Tuffigo said.

      Shaw said she organized the party and voted for Obama.

      "It will help with student loan rates. As a college student that's something I'm really concerned about.{}I love everything he says about women having the right to choose," she said.

      But Dan Mackin said he voted for Romney. Though his candidate didn't win, he knew Wednesday would{}be back to normal.

      "We go back to being friends on campus and in a lot of ways, forget our partisan alignment," he said.