Ladson residents fight road project, try to save trees

By Gregory Woodsgwoods@abcnews4.comLADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A road widening project in Ladson has one community saying, "Save the trees," including a man who says he woke up one day to construction equipment across the road.{}In Ladson, down College Park Road, is a small community concerned about cars that race past them everyday. "This road has got the reputation of being the most dangerous road in the state of South Carolina," said Ed Shumpert, who lives across from College Park Road on University Street. Shumpert has lived in the neighborhood for years, and he says the trees down College Park Road adjacent to Savannah Road blocks his neighborhood from the other side. It's a good thing that many residents want to keep. "In the morning, you can sit on your front porch and watch these generation of children walk down this road in safety from the cars," said Shumpert. Shumpert is concerned for the students safety. He said Tuesday morning Department of Transportation construction crews showed up preparing to cut down the trees. "They had brought in the heavy equipment and they were going to start early this morning and have them all cut down by 4 p.m. is what I was told by the guy running the tree crew," said Shumpert. Residents say they were aware the DOT was widening College Park Road but didn't know the trees would have to be cut down as well. "I was just a little shocked, I was taking a walk and this is the first time I'd heard that they were even considering cutting them down," said Carlein who lives in the neighborhood. "I guess I missed the meeting." Shumpert says he wants answers. "Inform us; don't just leave us out there and just show up in the middle of the morning and have them all cut down by the time we get off work. That's not fair," Shumpert said.ABC News 4 called two different representatives with DOT but they have not returned the request for comment..{}
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