Colleton Co. sheriff: Deadly shooting probably gang-related

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Deputies say a mother gunned down in front of her children probably died because of gang activity in Colleton County.

Sheriff Andy Strickland said Thursday in a press conference that 34-year-old Rebecca Dewitt was killed in her own yard shortly after returning from the store with her three children.

Strickland said the shooting likely involves two rival gangs fighting over territory and Dewitt was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. On Thursday, the sheriff made a plea for help.

He said deputies have come up short in their investigation and have not made any arrests in the deadly shooting. Investigators are currently urging anyone in the community with information on the shooting to come forward.

Dewitt's boyfriend said on the day of the shooting, he was standing outside the home he shared with his girlfriend when he saw two cars pull up.

"When I turned around, I seen the two cars right there and all the guns what made me turn around is they started shooting.{} There was about 30 shots at least," said Jeffrey Bogart.

Strickland promised the department's full resources in tracking down the shooters.

"I will make a promise to you, we're going to maximize every resource that we have possible to put forth to solving this case," he said.

Deputies said a second man was also shot around the same time as Dewitt. At this time, however, deputies did not say if the two shootings are connected.

Bogart said the funeral will take place on Friday in Walterboro.