Colonial Candle to bring innovative high tech retail and research


CHARLESTON, S.C. - Colonial Candle, national leader in premium candles, is opening its first retail boutique in Charleston, SC today, Friday, October 19. The 3,000 square foot Flagship Store is the 103-year-old candle company's first and only retail location. Located in Charleston's most exclusive shopping location, The Shops at Charleston Place, the Flagship Store will feature the complete Colonial Candle line including their patented oval jars in 70 fragrances, tapers in over 20 colors, a luxury collection and home accessories.

To celebrate the historic opening, an exclusive Destination Charleston collection will be available only in the Flagship store. Featuring six fragrances evocative of Charleston's history and culture, each candle label displays an exclusive photograph from local photographer Shannon Rae and comes in its own unique gift box.

The Colonial Candle Flagship Store, conceptualized by lifestyle designer Jim Weinberg, is a fresh, futuristic retail space where fragrance takes center stage. Weinberg, renowned for a "whole environment" approach that incorporates branding, lifestyle, product development, and interior design, has been a sought-after creator for more than 35 years. As Senior Executive Vice President of Design, Weinberg brings his innovative spirit to Colonial Candle following collaborations with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Donald Trump, and a host of celebrity and high-profile clients.

"I wanted Colonial Candle's Flagship Store to resonate with both the company's history and trailblazing new products," says Weinberg. "The theme throughout the store interprets Colonial Candle's historic roots for the modern consumer seeking personalized luxury. In this showroom, every guest will have the opportunity to explore their own fragrance identity, creating a home or work environment that captures their moods and memories."

In the new design, Weinberg says, "Customers even join the creative process, experiencing new fragrances in originally designed fragrance rooms and sharing their impressions thus influencing the direction of current and future fragrances and products. Guests will also be able to collaborate with on-site event planners to choose fragrance themes and products for weddings and special moments, just as they would select flowers or colors to define a special day." Weinberg further captures the spirit of Colonial Candle in the Flagship's oval-shaped spaces and displays, evocative of the company's signature jars.

"For over a century, Colonial Candle has set the standard for premium candles, and for the first time, customers will take a hands-on, active role in our candle development process," says Beth Sturm, Colonial Candle Director of Brand Development. "We're excited to offer a new way to connect with our valued customers and expand our reach to a broader audience, continuing our founder's mission to make and share the best candles possible."