Comcast introduces new data-capping plan to Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Comcast is trying out a new monthly data plan that will cap the amount of data customers can use each month before they are charged an additional fee.According to a letter from the company, starting Nov. 1, each household in Charleston with Xfinity Internet Service will be allotted 300 Gigabytes of data.According to the company's website, the average customer currently uses about 16 GB of data each month.In the letter, Comcast said it will implement a three-month courtesy program as customers adjust to the new plan. This means customers will not be billed the first three times they use more than 300 GB of data during a 12-month period. After the fourth time, Comcast will automatically add $10 to the bill and give those customers an additional 50 GB of data.

"This new approach is fairer because those who use more data pay more and those who use less can pay less," said Charlie Douglas, a senior director with Comcast.Customers can track how much data they use through their online accounts.

The letter states the trial can be canceled or modified at any time but customers will be notified ahead of time.

Douglas said the trial is for residential customers only. It does not apply to businesses.

Similar trials are also being done in Hunstville, AL, Mobile, AL, Augusta, GA, Savannah, GA,Jackson, MS, Memphis, TN, and Knoxville, TN.