Comcast service restored for most of Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Comcast outage that lasted through most of the day and well into Wednesday night has people turning to social media -- and their cellular data service -- to vent.

A note on the company's website says service would return by 10 p.m., but earlier reports from irate customers said they had been quoted 5 p.m. At one point, the company was quoting 1 a.m. Thursday, but service started returning around 9:20 p.m.

Representatives with the company said a fiber line had been cut.

The Post and Courier reportedly spoke to a customer service representative once to discuss the outage, but has not been able to contact the person again.

Some people reported that area gas stations that use Comcast for Internet service to process bank and credit cards are asking people to only use cash during the outage because they cannot process the cards.

For people who are trying to gain access to ABCNews4's programming, over-the-air service is working and signal strength is strong for the outage area.

To get the over-the-air signal, people should unplug their TVs from their cable boxes and use a digital antenna. Many recently manufactured TVs have built-in digital antennas.