Community concerned after officer involved shooting

by Stacy

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Mark Poulin is a general manager at Moe's in West Ashley. He said he knew a lot of the cops who police the area and said Saturday night's shoot-out was a reminder that crime is escalating.

"It hits home. The more I want to hear about the story because I probably knew the person. The police, they come in and eat with us all the time," Poulin said.

He said Moe's has added extra security measures in the last six months. He said employees must leave work at night in groups, and they have a security "panic button" in the store. Poulin cited Saturday's incident{}as another{}reason for being careful.

"I have to be honest, it doesn't surprise me. When it gets to a level of shooting an officer it's more serious, but we've had some issues with crime," he said.

Debbi Broyles said she has a lot of friends who are police officers. For her, the episode was a reminder of what could happen. She said she sent a text message to her officer friends Monday, just to check on them.

"It's bothersome to know that somebody trying to do their job and keep the rest of us safe can get hurt like that for no reason," Broyles said.

Officer Cory Goldstein has been an officer with Charleston Police since January 2012, officials said.

Officials said both men will survive their injuries.