Community horrified by murders of Woods and Guerry

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The murders of Dana Woods and June Guerry have hit close to home for many in the tight knit community And they all want the same thing justice.{}

Linda Wright owns a beauty shop in Moncks Corner and feels a personal connection to the case.{}

"Everyone knew them," Wright said Tuesday.{}

The murders of Dana and June are all anyone in town is talking about. Dana's body was found near her Cordesville home.{}June's body was found near her brother's home in the Alvin area.{}

Their bodies{}were found just{}ten miles apart from each other.{}

Wright says neighbors are taking precautions.{}

"Everyone is locking their doors. Everyone has the same thoughts. It has to be someone in the area. There's someone in the area who knows something about it."

"It's something I never thought would happen around here. You hear about things happening so tragically but never something so close to home. That really touches you," said Erica Grant.{}

Grant says her sister worked with Dana at Burger King. She remembers Dana as a nice girl that wouldn't harm anyone.{}

"She was a really good girl and she couldn't understand who could have done this to her and

And that's what just about what everyone wants to know why But also who?{}{}

"How could they take young girls just starting their lives? The one had a young child, a baby. It's just hard to believe someone could take a life that easily."{}

The family of Dana Woods will receive family and friends at the Dial Murray Funeral Home in Moncks Corner from 6 to 8 Friday. A funeral service is planned for 1:00 PM Saturday at the funeral home chapel.{}{}

Funeral plans have not been released yet for June Guerry.