Community prays for missing mother of two

MISSING: Marjorie Gayle McCaffrey

By Nikki Gaskins

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- As a choir sang during Wednesday's prayer service at First Baptist Church in downtown Charleston, one member was noticeably absent -- Gayle McCaffrey.

"It is very unexpected of her to not be here because she's faithful to the choir," said fellow church member, Roger Carl.

Carl sings with Gayle in their church's choir and is also her Sunday school teacher.

"Something unusual happened for her to go away and leave those children unattended in their beds," said Carl.

Gayle's husband, Robert or "Bob" as friends know him, reported her missing not long after investigators say the two had a verbal altercation. The couple has been married for 14 years.

"She mentioned it to me one time that to pray for her and her husband that they were struggling," said Carl.

As Gayle's pastor and congregation prayed:

"No matter where she is, she need not be afraid because you love her," prayed Pastor Marshall Blalock.

Some, like Citadel co-worker, James Grigg, also spoke.

"Our hearts are joined with yours, her family, and friends as we pray for her safe keeping," said Grigg.

Many in the congregation included Gayle's co-workers who say skipping work isn't like her.

"From a professional perspective, she is so articulate with her work, so efficient, and punctual," said her boss, Dewey Yeatts.

"When we worked together Friday, she was talking about getting recipes and going home and making stuffed cabbage for the weekend for her husband," said another co-worker of Gayle's.

As the days go by with no trace of the loving mother of two anywhere in sight, those who love her say they're starting to fear the worst.

"Anybody who says they're not afraid for Gayle today is probably not facing reality," said Pastor Blalock.


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