Elderly Berkeley County man is rescued from fire

SHULERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - When fire broke out Monday night on Nole Drive in Berkeley County, there were two things at stake - a 30-year-old home and a 59-year-old man.

"My concern was Harry, whether he was out of the house or not," said Jean Callum, of her brother Harry.

Callum says her niece, who lives next door, was her brother's saving grace.

"She said, 'Aunt Jean, we have Uncle Harry out of the house,' so I felt a little relief," Callum said.

"My first reaction was brother Harry's security," said Roy Snider, the pastor at Jehovah Holiness Church of the Living God. "The major thing -- that if he was fine, everything else would be fine."

Nole says the fire started near his heater while he was taking a bath.

"All the lights went out on me, the house get dark and the smoke was coming up to me," said Nole, with slurred speech.

Nole said he called for help and his niece came to his rescue.

"I feel my way through until I got to the front room. That's when I saw the flame going up, up, up," said Nole.

Callum said Nole's survival is indicative of the life he has lived since birth.

"You see, when he was young, when he was born into this world, the doctor didn't expect him to live to be a teenager," Callum said. "They said he would always have to be dependent on us. But, he proved the doctors, and I thank God for the doctors, he proved them all wrong."

Now, Nole can get ready to celebrate his 60th birthday in a couple weeks, and begin to rebuild his life.

"I can get me a home. I can't get life," said Nole.

The Harry Nole Benefit Fund has been set up through Wells Fargo. Contact the bank to find out more information.