Community walk-through planned for Waylyn Terrace

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) It's estimated that 2,605 people live in the Waylyn Dorchester Terrace community in North Charleston. Janet Singleton is one of them.

"No, I don't talk to my neighbors. I stay to myself basically, I stay on my porch that's about it. I come home from work and that's about it. I'm on my porch I don't go anywhere else," said Singleton.

Singleton moved to the neighborhood five years ago. She said the violence has increased every year.

"The crime break-ins, robberies, killings that's about it," said Singleton.{}

Singleton said it's enough to keep her indoors until a change is made.

"They are very afraid because they said there is not a night that goes by that they don't have gun fire in this community," said Elder James Johnson, co-founder of the coalition People United To Take Back Our Community. "Drugs and guns in the community are not normal. They can't sit back and allow this to happen overhand over and over again. A bullet doesn't have any name on it."{}

Johnson is organizing a community walk through on Saturday, March 16.

"We are basically going to do a slow drive through the community and walk through the community in order to distribute literature on stopping the violence. We are going to talk to people as we go and knock on doors while we go," said Pastor Thomas Dixon, a co-founder of the coalition.

"There's more of the good people of this community than there are the bad people in this community. We just need some good people to get on board," said Dixon.{}

The walk through will start at 5 p.m. at the corner of Dorchester Road and Constitution Avenue.

At the walk the coalition is expected to announce their first of six planned community meetings to keep this positive message going.