Hosts of July 4th Folly Beach party never had permit

By Stefanie

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV)- A Fourth of July Folly Beach party that left several police officers injured,and seven people in jail, was never legally suppose to happen.

...That's according to officials at Folly Beach.

A fight that happened at the party's location on 10th street, has prompted Folly Beach City Council to discuss a potential alcohol ban on the beach.

"The problem wasn't the alcohol, the problem was a thousand people," said Mark Lemberger, a visitor who rented a house near the party.

There were a thousand people at the organized event that led to a YouTube video with shocking footage of beach-goers beating up police officers while a crowd chanted "U-S-A."

According to Lemberger, there were so many people at the party police just couldn't handle it.

"Just a ton of them at one time at one place, and you can't cope with that, you can't plan for that," Lemberger said. "I was astounded, I can't imagine."

Folly Beach{}law states any public event held on the beach or any city property that's expected to have 75 people or more, must first get a permit, liability insurance, approval of city council and one private security guard per 100 people.

The 10th Street beach party was promoted on multiple social media sites by a Georgia event company called A.M.P., After Midnight Parties, and a clothing company called Good Ole Boys based in Greenville.

ABC news 4 spoke with the owners of both companies who admitted they never filed a permit. They released a statement saying in part:

"A.M.P. and Good Ole Boys spoke with Folly Beach special permits office the week before July Fourth, and we were informed that providing speakers and custom cups would be okay if they 'blend in'. The people involved in the arrests were not affiliated with our group and the riot was not within a reasonable proximity to our tents to be attributed to our promotions."

Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin says no activity permit was ever filed with the city.

The Folly Beach City Council workshop to talk about the alcohol ban will be Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., at City Hall. The public is invited to attend.