Crews working to build 2012 PGA Championship

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Construction crews are on site as Kiawah Island and the Ocean Course prepare for the arrival of the PGA Championship.

For about four weeks, workers have been putting up tent frames, assembling hospitality centers and laying flooring -- enough flooring to cover nine city blocks to be exact.

Once the foundations are laid and the structures are built, it's on to the interior. With a little less than one month until the tournament, PGA Championship officials say construction is right on schedule, even though the Kiawah Island course presents some different issues than other locations.

"There's a lot of effort we've done in here -- to cooling benches and to get spectators into areas in the shade, stuff that we don't have to worry about in some of the other locations because of the natural foliage," said 2012 PGA Championship Director Brett Sterba. "Here at the Ocean Course, you're exposed to the elements, but we've got a great breeze. It really helps to cool people off throughout the day."

Sterba says he is expecting around 200,000 people will visit the Ocean Course during the 2012 PGA Championship.

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