Gaillard Center's roof removed

(Stefanie Bainum/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A major milestone took place Monday morning in the construction of the new Gaillard Center. The existing roof was removed, marking the next phase in the demolition process.The building on George Street is currently in the demolition stage of a complete renovation that will take this 50 year old structure and turn it into a state of the art 21st century facility.The Gaillard Center is set to be a neo-classical landmark and the heart of artistic, intellectual, and civic activity for the city of Charleston.It's going to have a venue for arts education, an updated performance hall, 16 thousand square feet of exhibition and banquet space as well as an outdoor event lawn and will house a handful of municipal offices."For us it is a sign of renewal. It's a great facility. It is a municipality center that should serve all of the Lowcountry and Charleston," said Doerte McManus with the Gaillard Performance Hall Foundation. "It's a great opportunity for wonderful experiences in acoustics, sounds and visuals and a building we can be proud of."The building is being built to LEED standards and crews are recycling everything they can during the demolition."Hopefully it will be loved by all Charlestonians and well-used by all generations from children to senior citizens," said McManus. "It's easily accessible, fully ADA approved and rated with lots of beautiful outlets and five little bars for your entertainment. "During construction the project is creating one thousand jobs and has an economic impact of 62 million dollars. Construction is set to be complete by late 2014.

"When the old trusses come down they will be cut up and go to be recycled," said project manager Kelly Deans. "Then all the exterior walls will come down all new foundations will go in the ground and new wall and will be rebuilding a brand new performance hall."

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