Construction to begin on Hampton Park recreation path

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Construction cones are already in place as a new path for bikers and walkers will be carved out of a driving lane.

"So the inside lane around the park will be a recreation lane," said Fran Clasby, President of Wagener Terrace Neighborhood Association.

Clasby starting pushing for the lane around Hampton Park 20 years ago.

"Walkers, joggers, strollers, people with babies and toddlers need this lane so they can do the lap safely without fear of cars coming up behind them. The cars will have a designated lane on the outside of Mary Murray blvd," said Clasby.{}

Clasby says in an area where many people walk and bike to work, it made sense to make it safer, and less intimidating. He says a local organization helped to get the idea ready for the city to approve it.

"Charleston moves was a big component of helping this through.{} They were working with city council," said Clasby. {}

Clasby says the lane will also promote a healthier Charleston population.

"Living in the inner city, there is a huge population of people with hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Which, simply walking would help prevent the complications from those diseases and also make their lives better.{} Not only quality, but the length of their lives," said Clasby. {}

Clasby says the half-cent sales tax is helping to fund the lanes. He says there will be no additional cost to city taxpayers.