Chef Kimberly's recipe: Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich

      Chef Kimberly Brock Brown prepared Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich on Lowcountry Live! Tuesday, March 5.

      Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich


      Balsamic Garlic Chicken Breast


      1.{} 4oz Balsamic Vinegar

      2.{} 1oz Fresh Garlic Chopped

      3.{} 1/2 t Kosher Salt

      4.{} 1t Black Pepper

      5.{} 4oz Canola Oil

      6. {}4 Boneless/skinless Chicken Breast

      7.{} 1T Chopped Oregano

      8.{} 1T Chopped Thyme


      Combine & whisk 1-5. Add 6 and marinate 1 hour. On hot oiled grill mark the breast that has been topped with 7 & 8. Grill for 2 min on each side then transfer to 325 degree oven to finish cooking to 165 degrees internal temp. Slice on bias into 1/2" thick slices.


      Ranch Dressing Spread

      5 oz Low Calorie Mayo

      5 oz Skim Ricotta Cheese

      2 T Fresh Parsley Chopped

      1 t Onion Powder

      1 t Granulated Garlic

      1 t Dill Weed

      1/2 t Black Pepper

      1 t Lemon Juice

      1 t Grated Parmesan

      Combine all ingredients until well blended.


      Roasted Onions

      1 Yellow Onion Diced 1"

      1/3 t Black Pepper

      1 t Chopped Oregano

      Combine all ingredients and spread on a pan in a single layer coated with vegetable oil. Roast at 375 degrees for 5-7 minutes or until softened & lightly browned.



      Also Needed -

      Honey BBQ Sauce 6oz

      1 Tomato Sliced

      4 ea Leaf Lettuce

      4 Multi-grain Buns Toasted without butter/margarine


      To ASSEMBLE-

      On bottom of bun, spread 1T of Ranch Dressing

      Arrange 1 chicken Breast{} on top.

      Top with 2 t Honey BBQ Sauce

      Add Leaf Lettuce

      Add 2 Slices Tomato

      Add 2 oz Roasted Onions

      Top off with the bun