Cooking with Chef Kimberly: Fruit & Vegetable Curried Stew

Chef Kimberly Brock Brown prepared Fruit & Vegetable Curried Stew on Lowcountry Live Thursday September 27. The steamy stew is not only healthy but is sure to warm you up as Fall temps fall!


Fruit and Vegetable Curried Stew:

1C Green Bell Peppers - Medium Diced1C Medium Red Onion -Medium Diced1lb Sweet Potatoes - Medium Diced2 Cloves Garlic Chopped6oz Peanut Butter8oz Agave Syrup or Honey1 Pinch Red Pepper Flakes6oz Dried Apricots-Chopped6oz Dried Cranberries3T Curry24oz Water

1/2 C Cilantro-Chopped for garnish 1/2 C Scallions-Chopped for garnish


In a large pot combine all ingredients over medium high heat to a boil.

Reduce heat and simmer until the potatoes are tender.

Add the cilantro and serve over brown rice or quinoa or couscous.

Top with the sliced scallions before serving.