Cooking with Chef Kimberly: Kitchen Sink Omelette

Chef Kimberly Brock Brown prepared an omelette that had everything but the kitchen sink on Lowcountry Live Wednesday June 20. This dish is a great way to use whatever leftovers you have taking space in your fridge!

Kitchen Sink Omelette:

1 Serving{} utilizing left-over veggies and proteins and other foods from the soiree/bbq/buffet/reception before. Grilled salmon, asparagus, beef steak, ham, peppers, squash, onions, mushrooms, salsa, cheese spreads are all good to use in the omelette.

1 6oz Salmon filet is enough for 3 omelettes so a little protein will go a long way to help you stretch your food dollars and still have a well-rounded meal.

3 Eggs Whisked

2 oz Salmon -Chopped

2 each Asparagus -Chopped

1 t Onions

1 T Boursin Cheese

Cooking Spray

1 non-stick Omelette pan

1 Rubber Spatula


Heat the pan and spray generously. Add the asparagus and onions. Saut until warmed.

Add the salmon.

Add the Eggs and use the spatula to evenly distribute the liquid eggs underneath the forming omelette.{} Once the majority of the liquid egg has set, flip the omelette to finish cooking on the top**

Then flip it again to add the boursin cheese. Slide the omelette onto the plate folding it over and serve.

Serve with toasted baguettes, marmalade, sliced fruits or berries, or other left-over veggies.

**You can also finish the omelette in the oven at 375 degrees to set the top to desired dryness.

If making more than 1 use the oven(250 degrees) to hold the omelettes on a sheet pan until you have finished the last one. Plate them all and serve.