Arrest made in Pineville murder

Arrested: Devonte Gaillard

PINEVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - The Berkeley County Sheriff's office has arrested Devonte Gaillard, 20, for the murder of a Pineville man.{}

On Thursday, Berkeley County{}Coroner Bill Salisbury says 21-year-old Bradley Blake was found dead in his car on Willowood Road around 11 a.m.{}According to witnesses on scene, Blake died from what appeared to be two gunshot wounds to the face.

On Friday, Salisbury said the victim died of a single gunshot wound to the head.{}

Blake was visiting his girlfriend's family, who lives on the road where he was shot, according to members of the girlfriend's family.{}Those family members said they heard gunshots last night, but didn't think anything of it since there are frequently hunters nearby. {}

"Bradley, I mean, I can't even find words to describe him. He's liked.{} He was going to be my future son-in-law.{} For this to happen, I want whoever is responsible for this as well as the family members to be apprehended," said Elton Cleveland whose daughter dated Blake.

At this time, there is still no motive for the shooting.

"I mean, two days after Christmas, we're coming into a new year and we're celebrating the birth of Christ -- and for this to happen in this community, it's really heartbreaking, words cannot describe," said Cleveland.

Blake was a graduate of Timberland High School.