Coroner: Mother believed to have been strangled, too

By Nikki Gaskins

SANGAREE, S.C. (WCIV) Authorities with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office on Thursday confirmed two investigators left that day for Virginia Beach, Va.

It's where they say Naval officer Jacob Philip fled after killing his 26-year-old girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter, Riley Burdock.

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office Capt. Rick Ollic says Philip could have an extradition hearing as early as Friday.

"If he waves extradition, we'll be able to bring him back immediately," said Ollic. "If he denies extradition, we would have to go through the governor's office to get a warrant to bring him back."

Coroner Bill Salisbury says their bodies were found in two separate bedrooms on Tuesday morning.

While Salisbury has ruled Burdock's cause of death as strangulation, the autopsy results are still pending for her mother.

"Due to the decomposition of her body, we were not able to tell right away," said Salisbury. "The forensic pathologist wasn't able to see any bruises or anything around the neck. Therefore, he's going to have to look at some tissues under a microscope."

Salisbury says his office however, believes Kaney died the same way her daughter did by strangulation.

"We didn't find any other trauma to the body no stab wounds, no gunshot wounds, anything like that," said Salisbury.

Ollic says Philip's ex-girlfriend was instrumental in helping authorities arrest him.

"She gave us some locations, and they were able to locate him at the 7-11 in Virginia Beach, and he was taken into custody," said Ollic.

Police in Virginia Beach charged Philip with grand larceny and investigators say he later confessed to the killings.

"Basically, he had taken the vehicle that we had been looking for, which was his vehicle, and he abandoned it in a parking garage in Virginia Beach," said Ollic. "I guess so he could have other ways of transportation, he stole that vehicle."

Ollic says two investigators from the sheriff's office are in Virginia Beach working closely with the Virginia Beach homicide division and collecting evidence.

As for a motive for the murder, Ollic says he doesn't want to speculate.

"We are looking into the couple's background, and we are researching if there are any other reports of violence that went on," said Ollic.

According to Kaney's mother, Philip and her daughter had gotten into an argument after leaving a bar Sunday night. Katherine Kaney believes here daughter and granddaughter were murdered late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

A memorial service has been scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday at Cedar Creek Church. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be directed to Shellhouse - Rivers Funeral Home to help defray funeral expenses.

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