There's value to environmental opposition

Environmentally Challenged: By Brian Troutman

Anyone else been shaken up by the television show River Monsters?

I have, and the talk about the deepening of Charleston's port sends my thought process straight to an episode from the series...

The newly deepened port led to bigger ships, more ships, more cargo, more people, more smugglers and more environmental contaminants. Creatures like sea serpents, giant ray, piranha were brought in and somehow made it into the rivers and streams surrounding the harbor.

And now, no place is safe to swim or fish.

I know it's a stretch, but it is not impossible. That's why so much of the project to deepen Charleston's harbor is devoted to environmental study. It's also why the project has gotten so much opposition from environmental protection groups.

While we sometimes laugh at the work done by such groups, we cannot forget their purpose. Though you may disagree with what they are attempting to accomplish, I believe it is important to understand that their opposition, at very least, will help establish a safer situation.