Council approves rezoning of Seacoast property

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) Homeowners in one Mount Pleasant community near Belle Hall will likely have some new neighbors.

On Tuesday, town council voted 6-2 to rezone a track of land from commercial to residential right by the Grassy Creek subdivision. It was the final reading.

Seacoast currently owns the 46-acre property. According to council members, developer D.R. Horton wants to build 119 single-family homes on the land.

But for those who say they'll be impacted by the build, they say they're not too keen on the development.

"You're going to increase the amount of traffic that's on Seacoast Road. It's only a two-lane road and you have Bell Hall that's a large development with a thousand homes. Grassy Creek has about a 150," says Michael Falotico, a Grassy Creek homeowner who says he's worried about traffic congestion.

Council member Linda Page says the developer plans to create a ten-foot vegetative buffer of Myrtle trees to allow for more open space between the two properties.

"I think that was a concession that the property owners will appreciate, and it shows that they're good neighbors and they're good developers," says Page who ended up voting against the rezoning.

As for what's next, Page says the builder has the green light, essentially, to move forward with its plans to develop the property.