County Treasurer and SCDMV team up to save taxpayer dollars

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston County Treasurer's Office and the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles have decided to join forces to save money and reduce the wait time for vehicle decals.

The new effort is meant to streamline the process for vehicle renewals and centers around how receipts are sent to taxpayers.

In the new setup, the SCDMV will mail one document that will contain both the customer's vehicle registration and their vehicle property tax receipt.

Previously, the treasurer and the SCDMV sent two different pieces of mail with two separate mailing costs for each agency. Combining the mailings will save the county the cost of sending the separate monthly batch of tax receipts."We mail about 240,000 receipts out per year, so my calculations estimate that our savings will be $72,000 annually, and that figure doesn't include the cost of all of those paper receipts," said Andrew Smith, Charleston County Treasurer in a press release.{} Charleston County will have to foot a one-time cost of $3,986.83 to the SCDMV to recoup development costs, assume the responsibility of ensuring that accurate data on tax receipts is sent to the SCDMV, provide contact information for any taxpayer questions, and continue to make duplicate receipts to taxpayers when requested.{} Smith said he sees the effort as a win-win for both the government and the community.

"Any time two government entities can work together to streamline a process that gives our citizens a faster response time, the whole community benefits," Smith said.

This partnership comes just a month after the DMV reported they were late in getting registration stickers out to motorists. That delay was said to have been caused by issues with the manufacturer of the stickers.