Couple claims voter intimidation at Lowcountry polling place

(Rebecca Lamb/WCIV)

By Stacy

CAINHOY, S.C.{}(WCIV) -- Voter intimidation has been a problem across the country this election season. A Lowcountry couple who voted in Cainhoy said they received an unsettling message inside its polling place.

Liz Brisacher Sharp was almost to the end of her hour-and-40-minute wait Tuesday morning when something caught her eye.

"This sort of white paper being passed from one person to the next," she said.

She didn't have to wait long to find out what it said. The paper eventually reached her husband Joseph.

It had a warning about the voting booths:{}"It says, 'Please pay careful attention in the event that you're planning to vote democrat.'"

And then, a more partisan message: "People are not being told this information because they are trying to use every trick in the book," she read off the copy.

Regardless of how she voted, Brisacher Sharp didn't think the message belonged in a polling place.

"There is a subtle form of coercion to this. It certainly has no place in a polling place. It's supposed to be non partisan," she said.

The Sharps said they didn't want to cause a scene, so they voted and left.

They tried to call the Berkeley County election office, but only got a busy signal.

"It's not supposed to be partisan there," Joseph Sharp said.

"We should have that feeling of comfort and safety. That's what this country's all about. There should be no feeling of intimidation, discouragement or undo encouragement," Brisacher Sharp said.

ABC News 4 also tried calling the Berkeley County Voter Registration Office. Per the{}voter registration website,{}one number we tried{}had a busy signal and another extension did not work.

The sheriff's office operator did not have a number to give to contact voter registration.