Couple offers rent-free room to homeless vet

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) A Hanahan couple wants to open their home up to a homeless vet in need. Best of all the rent is free. The only catch? Just a few chores.

Lilly Collette and husband recently renovated one of their spare bedrooms. For them, offering a veteran a place to sleep at night is the least they could do for someone willing to risk their life for this country.

"You keep hearing about 'Oh, it's terrible. There are homeless veterans.' That hurts me. Why not just man up to the plate and do what you can do? And this room is what we can do," said Collette.

For Collette, lending a helping hand to servicemen and women in need is near and dear to her heart.

"I lost a lot of friends back in the Vietnam era," she said. "It's our chance to do our thing and it counts."

Close to the bedroom, the vet will have access to their own bathroom. There is no charge for room and board.

"If they're helping me around the house, that's enough. They signed up for service. I think that was enough, too," said Collette.

Collette, a retired paralegal, says she and her husband are simple people who are easy to get along with.

"We're just quiet. We hang close to home," said Collette. "If we like them and they like us, there's no reason for them to move on until they're ready."

Collette says for any veteran who might be interested, they must be drug-free, a non-drinker, and non-smoker.

For more information, contact the property manager at Spring Valley Mobile Home Park at (843) 744-6294.

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