Court docs shed light into arson suspect's motives

Kenneth Boone

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- A Charleston man charged with arson was back in court Tuesday afternoon.

According to court documents, Kenny Boone recruited another man to help set a fire on Montagu Street in 2010. Boone appeared Tuesday, to receive his bond for charges he set this fire in December of 2010 at 48 Montagu Street in downtown Charleston.

In court, Boone had little chance to plead his case. Meantime, news of his arrest has been the talk of the neighborhood, especially among those who own property nearby.

"We were all worried. We're like, 'Oh my God, it's across the street and we had no clue,'" said John Dowd, the owner of several buildings in the community. "Who would've thought it would've been in this busy neighborhood, busy street? It blew my socks off!"

Court papers identified Isaiah Foster as a man Boone convinced to be a lookout when police allege he started the fire. The documents stated Boone was then hired to repair the damage to the home at 48 Montagu Street.

"Unbelievable, I mean isn't that hard to believe? Isn't that far fetched from what you would imagine," said Dowd. "It's a blow; it's a shock."

Boone's attorney said his client he lives at a home on Glenwood Avenue, which is not far from Montagu Street. He takes care of his parents and has worked in construction most of his life.

The attorney says, for now, he's unaware of any more charges.

"You've heard a lot right now and obviously there's a lot of accusations out there," said attorney David Aylor. "And while there's probable cause for the warrant, where it goes from there, what else is in the investigation, we can't determine at this point."

Boone's bond was set at $75,000 which is in addition to the $225,000 he must post for three other arson-related charges. Isaiah Foster and the property owner of 48 Montagu Street declined to be interviewed for this report.