Coyote caution issued on Sullivan's Island

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- An unusual warning is in effect for people living on Sullivan's Island.

Police are asking them to be aware of coyotes.

Residents like Jennifer Bright were surprised Saturday night when they received a text message from the Sullivan's Island Police Department.

It was an alert to let people know that coyotes had been seen on the island, and that the Department of Natural Resources would be contacted if needed.

"We thought it was pretty amazing. We've never seen anything like that." Bright said. "Really never seen any wild animals out here at all. Other than just, you know, sea creatures."

The police department isn't saying where the animals were located, or who saw them. {}

According to the Humane Society, coyotes tend to avoid people.

But if pet food or garbage is easily accessible in your yard, those items could attract an unwanted visitor.

A lot of neighbors tell abc news 4 they rarely see wild game here, even near heavily wooded areas on the island.

Others said their encounters with nature were focused in more populated areas across the bridge, like in Mount Pleasant.

Town police are telling people to bring in their pet food, secure their garbage, and make sure small cats and dogs are kept indoors at night. {}{}