CPD: Filing a false police report WILL land you in jail

Kafer (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston police arrested a man who they say lied about being robbed so he could get his medication refilled.

Matthew Scott Kafer, 23, was arrested Wednesday for filing a false burglary report onThursday, April 11 with Charleston Police.

Kafer is charged with filing a falsepolice report.{}

POlice say Kafer told police the burglary happened around 1a.m. when someone came into his home through an unlocked bedroom window. Hesaid someone stole 76 suboxone pills, which is a prescribed medicationfor him.

Investigators eventually found out the burglary didn't occur and say Kafer lateradmitted he staged the burglary to get his medication refilled.