CPD gives 9 citations during checkpoint, backs up traffic leaving Folly Beach

by Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston Police issued nine citations Monday during a one-hour checkpoint on Folly Road.

Cops used red flare lights instead of their normal blue to welcome drivers back to the mainland after getting off the Edge of America.

"This detail was a traffic safety check point. We're looking for everything traffic related. Looking for drivers' licenses, registration, insurance and any impaired driving," Lt. Michael Thomas said.

Memorial Day began what Lowcountry law enforcement called the "100 deadly days of summer," a time when statistics show the roads get more dangerous.

"Fatal collisions and major roadway injuries seem to increase over the summer months when people are out on the roads," Thomas said.

But a lot of drivers were also frustrated with the traffic delay created by the checkpoint, which stopped cars leaving Folly Beach seven at a time.

"They ruined my time out on Folly," one driver said.

"They're backing us up for an hour leaving the beach for this? I've been coming here a few years. It's the first time I've experienced it. This may be the last time," said another driver who was worrying about making it to a 7 p.m. Spoleto show.

Though the line stretched long, Lt. Thomas did not apologize. He said they gave out nine citations during the one-hour checkpoint.

"We're out here to make it safer for everybody. Small inconveniences can go a long way to saving lives possibly," Thomas said.

A long line to safety, avoiding another tragedy to mark this Memorial Day.

Charleston Police said they were also doing increased patrols on major roads like Savannah Highway and I-526.

Mount Pleasant Police said they did not have any Memorial Day safety checkpoints leaving either the Isle of Palms or Sullivan's Island.