CPD investigates shooting in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston City Police are investigating a shooting that happened just after midnight Wednesday in downtown Charleston.

According to a police report, officers heard what "could be" four gunshots, followed by four more shots, in the area of Rutledge and Huger streets.

They said they saw people walking around but nothing out of the ordinary.

Dispatch told officers they got a call of shots fired and a man running through a backyard from Congress Street but nothing was found in that area either.

Finally, officers found two men Huger Street, one on his cellphone and the other holding his underarm with blood on his white t-shirt.

The man on the cellphone said he was going to get help by calling police but officers said the victim was shaking his head "no" while putting pressure on his wounds.

When officers approached, however, the man on the phone called for their help and the victim said: "I got shot. That boy, he shoot[sic] me. They shoot me and ran."

The report says the victim had been shot twice in his underarm and was taken to the hospital by EMS.

The victim said he had no information on who shot him or why he was shot. He also denied shooting back and no guns or shell casings were reported as found in the area.