Cremins says he was physically exhausted

Cremins speaks at the press conference on Monday. (Matt Dreyer/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- College of Charleston head basketball coach Bobby Cremins said he was physically exhausted.

In a press conference on Monday, he said his energy level is still not good and will continue to follow his doctor's orders and continue to get rest. Cremins has been on medical leave since late January when it was announced health issues would keep him off the court.

"A leader has to be able to lead a team," Cremins said.

Cremins said he's exercising every day and staying healthy, and he has no plans of resigning.

"This has happened before," Cremins said. "It happened at Georgia Tech. I got burned out at Georgia Tech."

Cremins said he has been battling health issues for about 3-4 weeks. When asked of specifics, he said "fatigue and exhaustion." He said no other medical problems have been documented.

"I hated to leave like that, but I felt good about my staff," he said.

The coach said he is not sure what his future with the team will be, and his doctor in Charleston has advised him not to even think about it. He said the person he listens to most is his doctor.

While the Cougars take to the court, Coach Cremins goes out for a walk and then asks his wife how the game went. He doesn't ask who won. Keeping his stress level down is working, he said he feels a lot better than he did two weeks ago.

While Cremins said he thinks well about the team and has spoken with assistant coach Mark Byington often, he said the two do not speak about basketball. He said the conversations don't take place because "Mark is in charge."

Cremins said he's proud of how the team responded to his absence, saying that the kids on the team need to grow up to become men. He hopes that his statement today will put a close to "The Bobby Cremins Chapter" of the program which he hails as amazing.

"We gotta keep the program going," he said, pointing out that there are two big games this week and the team needs a big home crowd both days.

Byington took over the team on January 27 when it was announced Cremins would be taking medical leave by CofC Athletics Director Joe Hull.