No cause yet in downtown Charleston fire

Photo Courtesy: Jim Gresham

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Fire officials say a fire at an historic downtown Charleston building was contained in less than 10 minutes; however, officials have not determined a cause for the fire.

Smoke was spotted coming from the building at 67 Broad Street a few minutes before 8 a.m. Friday and fire crews were at the scene within three minutes of the first call. By 8:05 a.m., the fire under control, officials said.

"First arriving crews quickly evaluated the situation and employed an action plan based on Standard Operating Procedures and initiated an interior fire attack," said Deputy Chief of Operations John Tippett.

Firefighters on the scene confirmed that no injuries are reported. The building was being remodeled according to neighbors; the upper floors are used for residential properties.

"The rapid response and coordinated actions of the fire department minimized the damage to this structure while confining the fire to one building," said Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh.

The fire damage was primarily contained to the third floor and the fourth floor attic, officials said. None of the adjacent buildings sustained damage.

Staff members at St. Michael's Church first reported the fire, but people in the area complained of smoke and haze as much as three hours earlier, fire investigators said. However, they were not able to trace the smoke to any one area.

Broad Street was blocked off between Church Street and Meeting Street due to fire trucks at the scene and traffic was rerouted.


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