Crews work to restore power to thousands in Berkeley County

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Atangled mess of trees that knocked down power lines left parts of BerkeleyCounty in the dark. Now Berkeley Electric officials are working overtime to clean upmess but only what is theirs.

"Whatwe will clean up is if we have a damaged pole or material from that pole thathas fallen like wires from the pole, that will be picked up," said the CEO ofBerkeley Electric Cooperative, Dwayne Cartwright. {}

Cartwrightsays they can only do so much after the wires are straightened and the power isrestored anything else left behind is not their responsibility.

"Asfar as the tree limbs, we do not come back and pick up the tree limbs," saidCartwright. "We clear the lines and make sure we have clear access to thatline and that it is safely energized."

Andafter the power is restored there may be an issue with the meter at your home, Cartwrightsays they aren't responsible for what's connected inside the house.

"Themember is responsible for the meter from the parts that leaves the equipmentinto the home. The equipment from the meter, to the loop, to the transformer,we are responsible for that," said the CEO of Berkeley Electric.

Inthe meantime, Cartwright says he brought in an extra 100 people to help restorepower as the Lowcountry country continues to clean up from the latest icestorm.

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