Summerville crime prevention draws crowd of families and city leaders

(Brandon Geier/WCIV)

By Ava

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Flashing blue lights lit up the night in Summerville one month ago. Now, Summerville community leaders and relatives are calling for the violence to end.

"We doing this not only for our family, for the other people and their family,"{}said Barbara Williams.{}"Because its us today, tomorrow its somebody else. So, we want to stop the violence now."

William's 36-year old brother, John Hancock was gunned down outside of her mother's home. Police are still looking for the person responsible.

"My mama went out and found him on the ground like that. So, how would they feel if they're mother found their brother or sister on the ground, you know? They've got to think about all of that," said Terri Dantzler, also Hancock's sister.

Hancock's murder was one of two in the last month in the Robynwyn neighborhood of Summerville. The tragedies are now a charge for city leaders to get involved.

"We know that violence begets violence and if we don't stop it, we're going to have more violence. So we're trying to nip it in the bud," said Summerville Town Council member Aaron Brown.

Thursday,{}Brown{}held an emergency meeting with people who live in the Robynwyn Neighborhood.

"The problem we're having with solving these crimes is, we can't get the information we need from the citizens," said Brown.

Teresa Wilson has lived in the Robynwyn neighborhood her entire life and took notice when police increased patrols in the subdivision.

"I'm grateful for that but (but) why did it have to happen after the fact? We had another shooting a couple of weeks ago that happened somewhere else, but they brought it in to the neighborhood, Why? Why are you trying to make Robynwyn the bad neighborhood?" asked Wilson.

Wilson says she plans to attend the emergency meeting Thursday night to get answers about the shooting death of her friend and neighbor John Hancock.

"I feel as a community we need to come together to stop the violence," Wilson said.

{}Valencia Wicker contributed to this article.