Phone call halts robbery at breakfast hot spot

NCPD responds to North Charleston restaurant (WCIV)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police rushed to a Huddle House along Dorchester Road in North Charleston early Thursday.

Police cruisers could be seen outside the restaurant just after midnight. Officers{}were speaking with people inside the restaurant shortly after arriving.{}Crime scene investigators{}also appeared to be on the scene.


Workers inside the restaurant say a man walked in and sat at the counter. They say the man asked for an ice water and then{}told an employee to open the register. The server was confused. She says her cell phone rang. The startled suspect then walked out of the restaurant without cash. Employees say police dusted for finger prints and took surveillance video.

The server remained on duty despite being shaken up. The restaurant stayed open. Police could be seen patrolling the area throughout the morning.

Officials with the North Charleston Police Department said officers responded to an attempted strong arm robbery. The waitress told police that a black man was sitting at the bar drinking water for about 45 minutes before he walked behind the counter where the cash register was and asked her to open the register. Police say after she refused, the suspect ran off towards the rear of the diner.

NCPD officers set up a perimeter for Charleston County Sheriff's Office K-9 to sniff out the suspect but the windy, rainy weather kept the dogs from finding a scent.

There have been several robberies in the area over the past year.

RAIDSONLINE.COM shows there has been twenty assorted robberies, thefts and burglaries within a mile and half of the business. The crime tracking website shows those crimes happened{}over the last year.{}{}


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